2019 Web development strategy for an e-commerce website

  • 12:00 PM
  • 10-Jun-2019

E-commerce website development

Are you running an e-commerce website? Then it must be your coveted dream to get the number one ranking in Google Search, or for that matter in every search Engine. You are no exception. Nobody likes to get the last ranking. Besides, in a cut-throat competition of the business world, ranking is everything. Therefore, there is a mad rush to get the number one ranking, or at least in the first three. So, precise web development tips are to take steps to reach the summit.

Search Engine Algorithm

Initially, the Search Engine Algorithm was a logical assessment of footfalls to a particular website. And the highest searched sites/items were the best-ranked ones. But, there was a catch and through that loophole gained the blackhat SEO practices. The SEO practitioners started creating scores of fake IDs and started creating fake footfalls that helped them to rank fast and climbed to the top. They also adopted another strategy to sabotage their competitors through bad linking/spamming and negative feedbacks.

Google started its stick and carrot policy to punish those practitioners through their Algorithm updates and with the help of AI. These updates are now a regular feature, and the Search Engine Algorithm is now smart enough to identify blackhat SEO practices. Nobody knows what the exact algorithm is but we can, of course, make an educated guess. Let's expand this a little bit.

Web development tips

Let's then start deciphering the little things bit by bit. The user is now honing the limelight. Naturally, they generate revenue for the websites and also for the Search Engines. So, the main target is user-centric, be it UI, UX or ease of navigation. It seems if the user starts preferring 'Requiem' as the background music, every website will start playing 'Requiem'.

The mobile phone and devices are now smart enough, and the new generation prefers to surf the net on mobile. So, a website must be mobile first to be eligible for a rank. That creates a challenge to the developer; the application/website must be compatible with all screen sizes and resolutions. And thus, responsiveness becomes another factor you should take into account. Another issue is the loading time of your e-commerce site; that is how long it will take to open in your user's device. Anything more than three (3) secs is out of consideration. Therefore, your application must be fast enough and well below the threshold limit. And do not overburden your website with unnecessary banners or utilities which have no use in your present scenario. But keep the option of scaling up and integration with other applications as you grow, open.

Security factor of your website is also a factor for ranking. The Search Engine evaluates how far your visitors are secured. Therefore, encrypt your visitors' data with suitable encryption methodology.

The Search Engine also considers what you are giving back to the industry, and that's the education/awareness part. It deals with blogging or articles you are posting on your website. It must have the quality and readability factor imbibed in it. You cannot copy and paste writings from other sites it has to be original, and free from plagiarism. The intention is your site is educating people and distributing knowledge.

Let's take an example. All guys visiting your site may not be a buyer. Suppose you are selling stents for the heart patients. Now a doctor wants to know the efficacy and durability of the stents available in the market and peer-reviewed articles. If your posts are all done by paid research references without any disclaimer, then these are all ads and not an authentic one. The search-bots are intelligent enough to understand the difference. It is difficult to fool them to believe digital shampoo or herbal computers are excellent and a reality. Therefore, there is little way left to confuse the Search Engine.

Latest Website Design Trends

There is now a sea change in the concept of website designing. The idea of flashy designs is gone, and the current trend is more focused on simple designs. The alignment of texts and pictures is over, gone are the days of clear fonts; instead, the handwritten fonts are gaining popularity.

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