How AR and VR will benefit future healthcare?

  • 01:20 PM
  • 22-Jun-2019

Let's get very clear about one thing AR and VR are emerging technology. It will not only impact healthcare but in all other spheres of our daily lives. Embracing AR and VR will pose a challenge to software development companies, especially CMS development.

How AR and VR will impact Web Development Services?

Many ways, but before that we must understand, what are VR and AR?

VR and AR defined

VR means virtual reality, and AR denotes augmented reality. The difference is elementary. In VR, you are visualizing a world that has only virtual existence. The wearable will port you to a world and immerse you somewhere that is far from reality. The software, along with the sound and feelings, yes 5G technologies will let you feel the virtual surroundings. It's a big player in the gaming sector, but it can do more. It can revolutionize healthcare and medics.

In medical care, surgery is an invasive procedure with uncertain outcomes. That's why it is mandatory to obtain approval from the patient party. Of course, there are exceptions like an accident, fire, etc. Therefore, every surgeon needs practice. With VR, a surgeon can perform as many surgeries as he likes and can view the outcomes.

It will enhance, the quality and confidence, of the trainee, and at the same time reduce the cost.

In the case of augmented reality, the thing is different. Here, you are firmly in the real world, so is the data set. The driving technology, the software, and the hardware part are augmenting the data. Let's take an example: the surgeon is operating a patient, and his senior is monitoring the procedure from another part of the world. He can view the entire operation in real-time, in his device (laptop/tab/mobile). He can guide his junior in real-time as if he is present in the OT. Again it will enhance the quality of the procedure, and reduce the cost. 

There are two things in common, cost reduction and involvement of IT.

The impact of VR and AR in IT

The AR needs software support intensively to make the experience real-time. In the above example, the senior doctor is viewing the operation on his mobile. You need a versatile Mobile App Development company to develop the App. It means that the web development services need to upgrade the knowledge base and open up to new ideas. It may create a new brand of developers and new platforms.

Similarly, VR needs gadgets, wearable, and hardware intensive. It will need software to run the wearable gadgets. And therefore, another open field for developers.


Every new technology comes into fore with apprehension. VR and AR is no exception. It will handle the personal data of the patients, including their medical records. Therefore, data integrity and data safety is a prime concern. The ethical question here is the safekeeping and confidentiality of the data. 'Is my data safe?' It is the anxiety of millions who have a digital footprint. The reason for the apprehension is not unjust. Have you ever checked that almost every website has a caveat that usually runs like this, 'By visiting our website you have given your consent to abide by our Privacy Policy?' Have you ever gone through those pages? So, you are already committed. But there is hope.

As per the latest estimate, the combined market share of AR and VR will touch 5.1 billion USD by the year 2025 in healthcare alone. And that is a formidable sum. Naturally, the players will take the necessary steps to guard your data. There will be lapses and failures, but the security firewalls will be stronger to keep you safe.


In spite of all our apprehensions, AR and VR are taking steady steps forward. It is better for all custom application development companies to gear up their machinery to make an early start. And early starters will win. So, start if you are a web design company in Kolkata, searching for your talent pool.

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