What are major factor to increase the Quality Score of a website

  • 05:30 PM
  • 10-Jul-2019

What are the major factors to increase the Quality Score of a website?

Let's try to understand what a quality score is, and how to calculate it? The first part is easy, you can get it from the Adword account dashboard, by selecting the particular campaign, for which you are searching your quality score. Go to keyword tab, select column, select customize columns, select Quality Score, and click and then save. You get the Quality Score. But how to calculate it is a tightly guarded secret of the Search Engine. What we know that your Quality Score has a direct impact on your cost for the ad campaign and Return on Investment (ROI).

How to quantify the Quality Score?

Let's see how Quality Score affects Search Engine. When the quality score is high, the search engine gets more clicks and earns more. Naturally, the search engine will place quality score in high esteem. Now, think from the users’ perspective, the user will search his item using a few keywords, and get his best-fit item. Therefore, the Quality Score is highly keyword sensitive.

Summing up our above premises we can safely conclude that your quality score will depend on, 1) how much your Ad matches with the product the user is searching, 2) chances of your Ad getting a click, 3) how your landing page is relevant to the search, and how fast it is loaded and how easy the navigation is. The Search Engine (read Google) marked all these three findings (1,2, & 3 above) with above average, average and below average scores and on that basis derives the Quality Score (how we do not know). But now we know the key ideas and need to focus.

How to increase the Quality Score?

Now, you know the key ingredients of Quality Score. Therefore, you have to tackle the problem from both ends. The first is to make your Ad campaign tightly focused towards the 1) product you are trying to sell, 2) meaningful to the intended buyers, 3) keywords based on the language they are talking, 4) use the keywords specific towards the target audience.

Therefore, make a short list of keywords short and long-tailed keywords for your Ad campaign and use it meaningfully. It should be tight-knit and focus on the target audience. Try to understand the vocabulary of your target audience so that it can make sense to them.

Start with more than one copy option and verify the performance of each group, so that you can prune the lower CTR ones. A higher CTR means a better quality score. It's a test and refines period to achieve a higher rating.

Landing page optimization

The next important part is the landing page. Do not waste your Ad campaign to guide your audience to a page that is not meaningful to your campaign. Let's take an example you are providing Web Development Services, and your Ad campaign is on e-commerce web development. The user is expecting guidance on e-commerce web development, and it is meaningless to guide them to your home page or blog pages. Remember, every click cost you, and every bounce will lower your Return on Investment.

Keep evolving

Getting high- Quality Score is not easy, maintaining it is more difficult; because the process is always on-going. So keep checking your score and re-organize your strategy if needed. Because the Quality Score will determine your cost.

Summing up

The understanding is, you have to get a high CTR to improve your Quality Score. To improve your CTR your Ad campaign, keyword selection, and positioning matter a lot. The keywords must be present in the landing pages to lower the bounce rate. High CTR and high bounce rate will wipe out the benefits in no time. So act judiciously.

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