What are the advantages of Page Speed Optimization?

  • 01:55 PM
  • 26-Jun-2019

Advantages of Page Speed Optimization and Web Design Portfolio

It is now clear to every player, from the Search Engine Optimization Company to Digital Marketing Company guys that for ranking in the website Page Speed Optimization, is a must. But that's not all there is more to it. Page Speed Optimization does not stop at your ranking by the Search Engine; it only begins. Your presence on the internet indicates that you are looking for visitors who will visit your web portfolio. And probably expect the conversion of visitors to your client. The page speed optimization is a decider in that field. Take an analogy you are selling your goods from a brick and mortar store if you take too much time to attend your customer what will happen? The customer will leave unless you are the only shop in the nearby miles. The same analogy holds in the digital world. If your webpages take too much time to load, your client will leave unless you are the authority to accept tax payments. So take care of your page speed.

How to increase Page speed?

There are several tricks and also disciplines that the developers must maintain. We will discuss a few in this post so that you can improve performance. 

Image optimization for e-commerce application development and mobile app development

You are probably familiar with the image optimization process. You know the image sizes and use of JPG format etc., for mobile app development or for e-commerce application development. But that's not all, you must resize the images you are using and make it mobile friendly. You can do it in two ways, using plugins or you can optimize the images manually, and then upload in your website. It will reduce file size and load on your website, and loading time will be less. The best way is to define the image size and weight of the file in your design. In that event, the client can upload the image from the Admin panel and won't need the support from the developer.

Optimization of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML

What about streamlining of your JavaScript? You need to know the tricks of JavaScript that you use in web development or for e-commerce website solutions. You need to minify your JavaScript. Minification is a process to eliminate unnecessary appendages like white space etc. from the code and make it slim and trim. There are free tools available online to minify JavaScript, CSS, and HTML. You can use tools to clean up your JavaScript. The web browser load files serially, and load files one after other as it appears in the page. You can go for Asynchronous loading; unlike synchronous loading where files are loaded serially, in Asynchronous loading files, JavaScript and CSS files will load simultaneously and not halt the loading process.

Server-side actions

Google demands TTFB (Time To First Byte) to be lower than 200 milliseconds. The term means the time gap between the HTTP request and the time when the first byte starts loading.  

The process is like this identification of the Domain Name System (DNS)-> locating the server -> processing of the request by the server-> response from the server. Naturally, it's two-way traffic. How fast your network can proceed with and how fast the server responds. It also depends upon the traffic load at the portal. Now, in the case of new e-commerce website solutions, the tendency is to choose a low-cost hosting. At one end are the shared hosting (cheapest option), and the other is the dedicated server (the costliest), in-between is VPS server. In the shared hosting, you share the disk space, RAM and all other resources with other sites, and naturally cramped for resource sharing. In VPS hosting, you still share resources, but you get a dedicated space. It's better than the first option. But that can impair your response time. In the last option (dedicated server), you are the lord of your Xanadu, but you need to take care of its maintenance. It will improve response time immensely but will make a heavy toll on your resources. We will take up the thread after a coffee break, till then let's chill over a latte.

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