What to embrace Organic SEO or Digital Marketing?

  • 04:10 AM
  • 03-Jul-2019

Whom to Choose Digital Marketing Company or Organic, Search Engine Optimization Company?

The answer looks simple, select a Digital Marketing Company; because it is obvious. The gamut of digital marketing services covers the two mainstream activities:

a)                  Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

b)                  Social Media Marketing (SMM)

Then again Search Engine Marketing (SEM) has two sub-categories

i)                    Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

ii)                   Search Engine Advertising (SEA)

Similarly, Social Media Marketing (SMM) also has two sub-divisions

A.                   Social Media Optimization (SMO)

B.                    Social Media Advertising (SMA)

While the Digital Marketing covers the entire spectrum, Organic Search Engine Optimization covers only a part of it. Now, the intention of all these practices is alike, to increase footfalls and convert the visitors to your customer. 

The task is not easy and fraught with many pitfalls. The simple reason is visibility. If you want to get a market for your merchandise, you must have the following things:

a) A good product

b) Utility and demand for the product in the command area

c) Location of your stores (brick and mortar or online)

The first two are obvious; unless you have an excellent product in your kitty, no one is going to buy it. Next is the demand, you can't sell far coats in Sahara. Therefore, if you have Pizza-hut in a Pacific island, miles off from the coastline, then you can't expect regular footfalls. The third and most important part is the visibility of your stores. In the web world, your stores become visible only by the Search Engine. Just type plumber in your Google search, and see the result. My search Engine returned 93, 80, 00,000 results in 0.64 secs, and that's quite big. If you take a second to go through the details and do it non-stop 12 hours a day without blinking, it will take 59 years and a few odd months to get to the bottom it. Moreover, the ranking is dynamic, and changes every few intervals; you may not reach the nadir in your lifetime.  Therefore, you need to rank at the top to be meaningful for your searchers. So, Search Engine ranking is a deciding factor.

Which one counts most?

All. If you run Ad campaigns in any form, be it SMA or SEA you will rise to the top. But it will pinch you and more so because these campaigns are keyword based, and depending on your selection you have to pay; another thing is once you stop your Ad you may get gulped by the abyss. And in the current scenario, the GenX is intelligent enough to distinguish Ad results from the normal ones and avoid them. If your budget on Ad campaigns fails to justify the revenue, it's of no use. But the organic search is based on keywords, the relevance of your contents and quality of the backlinks, and other factors decided by the Search Engine algorithm. The path is steep, windy and painstaking, but that's the surest way to your summit. Unfortunately, there is no shortcut. You cannot fudge your domain age nor your domain authority.

What's the best way out?

The question is tricky. The Organic Search Engine Optimization Company can help you best. But, you have to decide about your next course of action. The bottom line is always the visibility factor. And that depends on the following factors:

  • Your e-commerce site must be mobile first,
  • The loading time of your website must be less than three (3) seconds,
  • The UI and the UX factors must be excellent,
  • The website must be content rich,
  • It must have sound backlinks,
  • Your product must be better than your competitor
  • What's then a Digital Marketing Company can offer?

As discussed earlier, a Digital Marketing Company covers all these factors and delivers it in a package. You have to decide whether you will go for the entire bucket, or pick and choose. So long you are ready to understand, analyze, and introspect, your business decisions, and keep a level head there is no reason, why shouldn't you get to the top. Talk to a company providing affordable SEO services, and inspect their credentials and move forward. Take a lesson from the Mountaineers, and learn to hurry through a steep climb, can pull you into an abyss with catastrophic consequences. Therefore avoid temptations and pace your pace, you are sure to win. 

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