Why AI is next big thing in Web development Services?

  • 10:14 PM
  • 12-May-2019

AI and Web Development Services

Let's start from scratch. You must have good knowledge about Web Development Services and what you expect from a Web design company. The services you will get are:

  • Mobile App Development (Android/iOS)
  • custom application development
  • e-commerce web development, etc.

It may also double up as a digital marketing company. As a consumer, your interaction with the company will cover the following areas:

  • Development of Apps
  • Design and maintenance of your website
  • and providing SEO and digital marketing services

AI stands for artificial intelligence, and VR or virtual reality is the buzz word of the industry. There are a few things you need to know about VR, AI, ML, etc. to skim through the discussion. But before that one thing needs clarification, are you a consumer or developer? For ease, let's take, you are a consumer, it will, of course, make this session a bit long.

What AI has to do with Web Development Services?

A lot. Again start from the basics. You are running an e-commerce website and have an excellent shipping arrangement and already shipped products far and wide. Encouraged, you wish to start 24X7 service. Do you think it is physically possible to provide such a service? And for that, the cost involved. You have following options:

  • 1). If eight hours a day (most unlikely) makes a shift
  • 2). If seven days a week is the working norm (highly impossible)
  • 3). If clause 1 & 2 is feasible, you have to start three shifts a day


  • You have to hire people from different time zones to run the show.
  • AI fits the bill perfectly.

What AI has to do?

You are perhaps aware of chatbots. Chatbots, are in reality, virtual companions, that can communicate with you. It's a program and like all programs return a response Take an analogy, if you multiply 13 by 13, in your calculator, and press the (=) button, it will display the figure 169. Of course, chatbots are not that simple. But, it can answer simple questions and record your queries. Now, AI integrated  chatbots can pass the Turing test. The Turing test is a double-blind test. Here, you will talk to an unseen person, and after each session, you have to identify whether you are talking to a human or a machine. If you can't, the system passed the test.

It means chatbots are evolving. The chatbots with the help of AI are moving fast forward. Do you know, Dr. Chandra? The person who designed and trained the fictional HAL 9000. You can perhaps remember how he was rebuilding the defunct supercomputer with mathematical logic. But, HAL is a fiction, so is Dr. Chandra, but machine learning is fact. The advanced AI-powered chatbots are now integrating machine language and getting smart.

You can't ignore AI.

Coming back to your hypothetical e-commerce website, it is now possible for you to run the show. With a proper chatbot, you can now handle your e-commerce website. Your chatbot can handle the load 24X7. It can take a call from your clients and can address minor problems.

Effect of embracing AI in Web Development Services

AI or Artificial intelligence is going to affect the Web Development Services in a big way. The ripple effect has already started, as the Search Engine algorithm is changing, and especially, Google has already embraced AI. It has made the life of a digital marketing company tough. Search Engine ranking through black hat SEO services are things of past and shortcuts are no more available. But, the flip side is it's a blessing in disguise, the websites integrated with AI-powered chatbots will be a users' delight and entrepreneurs golden harvest.


If you search a website for a specific item and your search results in a long list, would you feel interested? On the contrary, if on your voice command, you get your chosen item displayed on the screen? Isn’t it great? The App you are using interprets your command and compare it with your database and decides. It's no more fiction; AI integrated with machine learning is going that way.

What is machine learning and what it has to do with Mobile App Development?

Whether you are a user, developer, or client, it is relevant for you to know that Mobile App Development is going to stay. It has changed our way of living. Therefore, the smart chatbots with the aid of machine learning will improve with time, know your habits and preferences, and guide you to select the right product. Searching through keywords will be redundant. The App is familiar with your choice. How you spell it is no more important. It will save time and unnecessary scrolling through miles and miles of pages. On the marketing side, a digital marketing company has to reformulate strategy to optimize the footfalls.

App developers will have to find ways to interpret the process of the machine learning process. It is not easy for a mainstream developer to understand the tools used by the AI developers. The terms familiar in AI parlor like, Bayes classifiers, or Markov chains are Hebrew to most of the mainstream developers. Moreover, AI is an emerging technology,  and it has miles to go. That's the reason AI enabled websites are not very common. But it will change. It is out of the question for a small Web Design Company to build and design an AI-enabled website from ground zero.

The way out

Where there is a possibility, there is a way; similarly, where there is a market, there are investors. Sensing the potential, companies like Facebook and Google launched their toolkits (API), AI-enabled. These are plugins for developers. You can also avail paid versions from IBM, Microsoft, and Amazon.

The advantage of plugins will allow the Mobile App Developers to use the programming languages they know, without going through a steep learning curve. But it has another challenge, developers using plugins know the hiccups it can make. Therefore there is work ahead for designers, developers, and project managers.

Would VR make a way in Web Development?

The answer is yes, and no. The VR means virtual reality, and it will be coming in the application part. Let's take an example, suppose, you want to buy a car, from the car dealer. The dealer is miles away but runs a website. Like all shopping sites, you select and pay the car will reach your doorstep. Fine. But buying a new car is a big deal you want to check the interior, and how it looks. VR can help you to look at it from miles afar. Won't it be a deal?

Here, steps in the VR. VR can also improve healthcare. The aged population who are marginalized by dementia, mobility, and depression can live more happily with VR. Your Dad can attend your marriage from another part of the globe through VR. Naturally, it will be a challenge to the App developers of the coming days to incorporate all these features in their Apps.

Would it affect my privacy?

It depends. The big data analysis and Hadoop have rewritten the bottom line. You are exposed. Exposed to Social media, as well as to the surveillance agencies; and, of course, to the big marketing agencies. As you surf the net, you leave your footprints, and the search engine follows you. Naturally, you under a leash, and maybe nudged by the unseen master. But, that's the fate of civilization.

There is a report that an offline computer can be transparent to a monitoring agency by mapping the radio frequency of the keystrokes from a distance of 67 feet. It sounds, insane but true!

It's a present-day version of Braincap visualized by Arthur C Clarke in his 2001 series. So, what's the option?

Do you seal your computer in a Faraday grid with a radio jammer?

Do you want to live as a cave dweller in the Amazon rain forest?

You can't. So, pay the price. It's the price you pay for your convenience. How the authority will use and manipulate your data is the gamut of social scientists.

Mind technology is a two-edged sword; you can use the fusion energy to supply you green energy for eons you can also use it to annihilate. The choice is yours.


The field of e-commerce web development to custom application development will see a sea change. The technology will lead the way and demand by the consumers will push the innovation. It will make the life of netizens easy and difficult. The big brother will snoop. The responsibility to guard your data is yours. Therefore, privacy is your concern. It sounds eerie but fact. The habit of posting your minute by minute activity in the Social Media is pathogenic. Is it a kind of disorder? Again it's a subject of social scientists. It's a trend we are following from prehistory to snoop on others. It's a kind of insecurity we all feel. But, there are graver issues we need to solve. You should free our fellow brothers and sisters from hunger and oppression. We need to embrace technology.

Just think how the future Web Design Company will mold its entire workforce to the betterment of their product! One good thing about Social Media is that it can quickly spread the news. There are multitudes of instances where Social Media took the responsibility to report disaster or atrocity and forced the administration to rush aids. Remember, every cloud has a silver lining. The next Gen will guide the web to a new height, and the process is underway.

The Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, along with Virtual Reality, will change the web. The Big Data and Hadoop will coordinate. Let's hope for a brighter Sunshine, a refreshing dawn.

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