Why You Need to Hire Android Developers?

  • 10:16 PM
  • 12-May-2019

The reason is simple; that’s the in-thing. If you look at the market share, then as per the latest report, there are 2.5 billion monthly active Android users worldwide. Combine with this that the present markets share of Android mobile app is 85%. The deluge of number is enough to tilt you towards android application.

Why not Hybrid application?

True. A hybrid application can take care of your trouble to some extent. But think it strategically and match it with market expectations.

Yes, there are platforms and also dedicated application developer who staked their goodwill for hybrid application development. But hybrid platforms need light-years to cross to give your application the feel and functionality of a native one.

Native applications can give you the luxury of using it off-line.  The feel and look will be different. Moreover, the user experience will not be at par with Native applications. There are a few more points that you must know.

Why reinvent the wheel?

Right. It's a fruitless effort. Would you go to start a shop selling walkmans? Similarly, Android is not a monopoly market.

The Android market is big and well adapted for diverse economic groups. And with the advent of the 5G spectrum, there will be a drastic change. And the 5G revolution will be a game changer. Android is sitting on the fence to jump the gun. So, follow the trend, go and hire android developers. You must have good knowledge of how to improve the functioning of the wheel; no need to reinvent it.

Be a trendsetter!

The next big thing coming to the market is IoT. Embrace the power at your tips to connect your devices from anywhere. Of course, the first batch of devices will be a high-end one, but to high-end consumers, the term hybrid is a taboo. IOS devices target the niche market. Now the question is your choice, do your target market is for a few elite customers? Or is it for all?

Naturally, the elites are outvoted by the ordinary ones by a massive margin. Therefore by targeting the Android market, you are statistically improved your probability. So that's the case.


It is easy enough to understand the opportunistic advantage of hiring a dedicated application developer.

1) Your reach to the market is increased manifold.

2) You can focus on developing Apps for future demands like IoT, which is going to change the way we will start interacting with our devices.

3) Being an early starter, you can focus on innovating ways to interact with different facilities between the user and the care providers.

4) You can be a groundbreaker. Think it over and try it out.

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