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Want to stay afloat in the cut-throat competition of online business? Want to increase your visibility and footfalls? You need local SEO services and that too from a company who understands it best. You need assistance from one of the Best Digital marketing agency in India.

SEO services at Arprosoft

The rules of search engine optimization are changing fast and gone are the days of blackhat SEO services. There is no roundabout way to a quick ascent. Now, most of the search queries have a local flavor, and that's why local SEO service is essential. Arprosoft is a Digital agency in Kolkata, and we are offering whitehat SEO services to our global clients. We keep track of the changing trend of the search engine rules and formulate our strategy accordingly. Our team of SEO experts will make your website content rich and SEO friendly.
There are a few rules to make your website search engine friendly. Gone are the days of contents packed with keywords and the magic wand to fool the crawlers. It will bring you down in the ranking if you veer to that way. We know that and consciously avoid the temptation. It will waste our effort and resources at the same time your time and money. Instead, we offer total digital marketing services in Kolkata.



  • We do exactly what search engines demand, that is user-friendliness.
  • We will audit and rectify the fault lines.
  • We will make your website great with UI and UX.
  • We insist and always develop mobile-friendly websites.
  • We will deliver industry-relevant and rich contents to boost your credentials and ranking.
  • We will do a proper long tail keyword search, which is the latest criterion of search engine ranking.
  • We will provide the local business listing optimization service of Google.
  • We will provide services like blog commenting, Social Media Optimization services and many more.



  • We know the ins and outs of website SEO services and provide professional SEO services.
  • We are marketing SEO services at the lowest cost @ $149 monthly.
  • We offer Whitehat services to assure high conversion.
  • We help you to establish a strong brand quality.
  • We backlink your contents, repair the broken links and remove the bad ones.
  • Under our web marketing services, we provide On-Page and Off-Page SEO services.




On-Page SEO

On Page, SEO services are those related to your website and those you can do better with effort. The list includes quality contents, ease of navigation, UI, and UX, mobile friendliness and optimized internal links of your webpages. The loading time of your webpage, external links it has and text formatting you used also counts.


Off-page SEO

Off Page, SEO service relates to the face you present before the world that is to other websites and users. In other words Off Page SEO services are essentially link building, Social Media and Social Bookmarking.


At Arprosoft we first audit your website to understand the issues and act accordingly. If it involves broken or bad/toxic links, we repair the broken links and remove the bad ones. We also look into the content part of your website and do the keyword search to increase your ranking.

We pack all these website SEO services in a single pack under our website SEO services to help you out. We do not spin words, and that is the reason we do not promise first-page ranking within a month without PPC marketing. PPC marketing is a different ball game and involves cost. If you are interested in adding PPC in your campaign, then contact our experts' for detail or mail us directly. Our experts' will contact you in no time.




Service at an






We care for the ranking of the websites in the search engines. The reason, we provide SEO, SMO, and PPC services to prove that we are one of the Best Digital marketing agency in India. The SEO, SMO, and PPC experts at Arprosoft will do the job to boost your ranking in different search engines. Unfortunately, there is no short-cut to reach the summit, and we do not commit something which is not attainable.

  • Action plan on the basis of the audit report
  • Steps to remove the toxic links from your website
  • Backlinking with quality websites
  • We will make your website rich with quality contents
  • Our SEO team will do Website Marketing
  • Start Social Media Marketing
  • PPC campaigning (if included in the SOW)
  • We will do Email Marketing
  • Mobile marketing (if included in the SOW)


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